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We invite you to enjoy our seasonal dishes that combine seasonal and local ingredients.

Dining room Takigawa

We offer the ultimate in hospitality with our Kaiseki and semi-smorgasbord styles of dining.

The traditional Japanese-style cooking
stove at the center and the dining corner
The Japanese-style modern entrance
A wide variety of local sake is available
at the drinks corner
Help yourself to as much as you want

Kaiseki-style Dishes Image

Smorgasbord Corner

Japanese regional cuisine
"Herring pickled with Japanese Pepper"
Charcoal grill corner
Dishes prepared in traditional Japanese-
style cooking stoves
Fresh vegetables from local farms

Dishes we are proud of


A wide diversity of dining spaces is available ranging from private rooms with a Japanese atmosphere to spacious restaurant-style spaces. Relax and enjoy the quiet pleasure of a peaceful meal in the space of your choice.

Please refrain from smoking

The dining areas in “Takigawa” are all non-smoking. We apologize for any inconvenience in advance and ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. Please note that an outdoor smoking area is available.

Japanese Kaiseki-style Cuisine

Our Kaiseki-style cuisine presents the appeal of the ingredients used and reflects the unstinting care taken over cuisine at Harataki. Only the very best carefully-selected fresh ingredients are used so that you can enjoy the colors of seasonal produce from the sea and the mountains.

Guide to banquet Hall “Bandai”

Banquet with Tables and Chairs
Size: 143 mats
Maximum Capacity: 150 guests

Additional Dishes

Please apply by 20:00 on the day. (Please note that it may not be possible to prepare the dishes of your choice due to stock limitations.) / All the photographs show dishes for two persons. / All the prices shown are for one person.

Sakura-sashi(slices of raw horse meat)
1,500yen(without tax)
Aizu Local Chicken Grilled On Iron Plate
(Chicken are from Mishima-machi.)
1,800yen(without tax)
Char Bone Flavored Sake
1,800yen(without tax)
Assorted Fruits
1,500yen(without tax)〜
Order accepted form two guests.
Fukushima Beef Grilled On Iron Plate 3,500 yen (without tax)
Globefish Fin Flavored Sake 1,200 yen (without tax)
Assorted Sashimi (slices of raw fish) 2,500 yen (without tax)
Assorted Pickles 500 yen (without tax)