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1F Front Desk

The front desk handles the following arrangements.

Table tennis: 500 yen (30 minutes)/Table/td>
Massage: 4,000 yen (without tax) (40 minutes)/Person
Mahjong (Meld-building): 4,000 yen (without tax) /Table
Igo/Shogi: 1,000 yen (without tax) /Board

1F Tea Lounge/Lobby

Opening hours: 7:30 − 21:00
Menu: Coffee, tea, orange juice, etc. from 400 yen (without tax)

1F Internet Corner

Mac is permanently installed to allow guests to freely browse the Internet.
Wireless LAN connection is available in the 1F lobby (Not available for use in guest rooms).

1F Shop “Natsu Kashiya”

Opening hours: 8:00 − 11:00/16:00 − 20:00

1F Cafeteria “Kanakana Chaya”

Not available for use at the present time due to ongoing renovation.

1F Karaoke Rooms

Reception Times: 16:00 − 23:00 (Closing time: 24:00)
Charges 60 minutes including 1 drink: 1,200 yen (without tax) /Person
120 minutes, all you can drink: 3,000 yen (without tax) /Person
Usage of 1 room for 90 minutes (A drink is another order): 9,000 yen (without tax) /Room

1F Fashionable Yukata Loan Corner

Women only

Reception Times: 16:00 - 19:00

B1F Large Bath

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Outdoor Baths

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B1F Reserved Bathrooms

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2F Private Room Dining “Takigawa”

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2F Banquet Hall “Bandai”

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3F − 7F Guest Rooms